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New Leaders
Ani Rabk secteur 289
louki TORNUS secteur 919
Al Alphana secteur 585
al Phala secteur 260
Philo Karba secteur 465
Alex Xerius secteur 381
kenny moon secteur -1
Barthelemy de Favignolle secteur -1
bobe léponge secteur -1
pmlkjnb aze secteur -1
brutus cornelvus secteur -1
Caius Julius Ceasar secteur -1
Vivianne De Tallagata secteur -1
Vivianna Erasionne secteur -1
sgt peppers bequers secteur -1
bertrand le francais secteur -1
william wallas secteur -1
legrand shumi secteur -1
Nehmesis Maleterre secteur -1
Random History

Belligerent Colony of malsi

Après des siècles, nous voilà, enfin dans les rang des royaume.Nous sommes là pour montré de quoi nous(saruhans) capable de transformé notre royaume. Avec notre économie florissant et nos diplomate expérimenté, Nous allons essayer de maintenir la paix dans notre région. Venez nous attendons vos marchand et diplomate pour renforcez nos liens.
Random Leader

John Smith
L'Alliance Supréme
Association de seigneurs désirant de coopérer aux mieux de leurs intérêts comuns.
The Game
Last Empires is a turn based medieval strategie game. Every 6 hours there is a new turn. You are a Leader of a small kingdom and your goal is to increase the size of your kingdom by conquering by force or by diplomacy and treachery. Any solution will do to satisfy your ambitions!
To Start

Above all, you must acquire sufficient resources to be able to finance your ambitions. The first thing to do is to search for heroes who would want join your cause. Consult the list of your heroes while clicking on “Hero” in the interface of your city, then select the action “Search Hero” in the drop-down menu, and click on “OK”. If your lord has alot of Charisma, he should not have any problem to find a hero to help you. However if he fails this action, he will have to wait for the next turn to retry.

You will not be able to achieve great deeds if you don't seek the maximum of hero to help you! If you find a hero, enter a name, a first name and a rank. To begin, it is advised to have at least 3 Civil Officers in order to develop the Economy, Agriculture and the Irrigation. That will bring more gold coins in January and more food to you in July! Then, you will need at least a Diplomat and a Messenger (optional) to be able to communicate with your neighbors. The diplomat can propose alliances. Foreign diplomats can come in to your city to negotiate an alliance or a vassalage. Military heroes (Military Officer, Commander or General) will be necessary to prepare your defense. Be careful, soldiers are expensive, they need gold and food, you must ensure to have sufficient resources to maintain them! It is also essential to recruit a Spy who can get information about the troop movements of your neighbors in your sector and who can check on foreign activities in your city.

If you have sufficient resources, your Civil Officers can build infrastructures like the Sawmill, Mines and Stone Quarrys which will bring resources necessary to build other infrastructures. Each tile on the map represents a type of terrain which brings a certain rate of resources (see the figure between parenthesis on the right of the quantity of wood , of metal… in the interface of a city). If the rate is 0, that means that you cannot find this resource on the tile which you chose to build your city. Attention, these resources are as important as gold and food, because they will enable you to build infrastructures more important like Weaponsmiths in order to manufacture more potent weapons for your soldiers.

For 72 turns your neighbors cannot attack you, nor infiltrate your city. At the end of this time period, you neighbors will either attack or infiltrate your city. That is why you would have to make friends in order to survive! Or if you are well prepared, you can attack them and gain control of their cities!

The Map
Primary Resources
Secondary Resources
PerfumePerfumeBeauty powderBeauty powderSilkSilkPoteryPoteryEarthenwareEarthenware
WaterDefense Bonus: -50% Attack Bonus: -50%MP: 50
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ SaltPerfumeBeauty powderPotery
GroundDefense Bonus: 0% Attack Bonus: 0%MP: 30
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ WineBeerSugarCarpet
DesertDefense Bonus: 10% Attack Bonus: -10%MP: 40
StoneLeatherMetal ~~~ SaltSpiceBeauty powderPotery
CanyonDefense Bonus: 15% Attack Bonus: -15%MP: 50
WoodStoneMetal ~~~ SpicePerfumeEarthenwareCarpet
MarshDefense Bonus: -30% Attack Bonus: -30%MP: 70
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ SpicePoteryEarthenwareIncense
PlateauDefense Bonus: 0% Attack Bonus: 0%MP: 40
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ WineBeerSugarCarpet
HillDefense Bonus: 20% Attack Bonus: 20%MP: 40
WoodStoneMetal ~~~ WinePoteryEarthenwareFurniture
WoodsDefense Bonus: 20% Attack Bonus: -10%MP: 50
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ PerfumeBeauty powderSilkFurniture
ForestDefense Bonus: 30% Attack Bonus: -20%MP: 60
WoodLeatherMetal ~~~ PerfumeSilkIncenseFurniture
MountainDefense Bonus: 30% Attack Bonus: 30%MP: 70
WoodStoneMetal ~~~ PoteryEarthenwareSilverwareJewellery
Snowy GroundDefense Bonus: 10% Attack Bonus: -10%MP: 40
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ WineBeerSugarCarpet
Icy MarshDefense Bonus: -40% Attack Bonus: -40%MP: 80
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ SpicePoteryEarthenwareIncense
Icy PlateauDefense Bonus: 10% Attack Bonus: -10%MP: 50
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ WineBeerSugarCarpet
Snowy HillDefense Bonus: 30% Attack Bonus: 10%MP: 50
WoodStoneMetal ~~~ WinePoteryEarthenwareFurniture
Snowy WoodsDefense Bonus: 30% Attack Bonus: -20%MP: 60
WoodStoneLeather ~~~ PerfumeBeauty powderSilkFurniture
Snowy ForestDefense Bonus: 40% Attack Bonus: -40%MP: 70
WoodLeatherMetal ~~~ PerfumeSilkIncenseFurniture
Snowy MountainDefense Bonus: 40% Attack Bonus: 20%MP: 80
WoodStoneMetal ~~~ PoteryEarthenwareSilverwareJewellery
Hero unit
Neutral Kingdom.
Allied Kingdom
Ennemy Kingdom
Kingdom of Your Lord
A Vassal Kingdom
A Confederate Kingdom
A Kingdom in Total War with you.
Symbolizes one or more hidden hero.
The Stats
Sta (State)

The status of the hero. If its OK it means he is fine and he can accomplish is tasks. He can be dead, Poisoned, sick and others. A Hero with the icon next to his name means that he is sick. Diseases are contagious and can kill the hero in a few turns, so make sure you have a doctor to cure him. A hero with means he is hidden from the eyes of foreign troops.

Ser (Years of service) Years of service the hero has been under your orders. The more he stays under your command the less he loses loyalty every month.
Loy (Loyalty)

Loyalty is of upmost importance. He hero with low loyalty might leave you. Use Remunerate or Private festival to build loyalty. Your ennemy can recruit your heroes if their loyalty is low. Make sure your heroes have a high loyalty in ennemy territory and you don't want to lose a Governor and the town he controls!

Age The age of your heroes. A hero under 16 years of age can only move and hide. An hero can die of old age. So make sure to have some offsprings to replace your aging Leader!
Sex (Gender) Only female heroes can have babies. You already know that of course. The gender has no influence in the capacities of a hero.
Int (Intelligence) Intelligence is important for the Advisors for them to sucessfully detect any ennemy spy activities in your city. Important to doctors for their sucess rate to heal.
Pol (Politics) Capacity to build infrastructures, economy, agriculture and irrigation of a city. The higher the Politics, the faster the projects will be carried out quickly.
Cha (Charisma) The Charisma influences several actions like the trading actions, the recruitment and the search for heroes, like certain Secret actions like Installing Doubt or Creating Rebellion. It also influences the social actions.
Mil (Military Command) It determines the maximum number of soldiers that a hero can have. It influences the number of damage which the hero and his soldiers can inflict an enemy unit, on the capacity of the hero to train his soldiers and to rally them. It can influence certain actions like Emprison and Assassinate.
Esp (Espionnage) Principal statistics of a spy which will influence all his Secret actions. To hide, the hero needs an adequate Espionage level.
Tra (Trade) Trade ability of a hero. A high capacity of Trade will lower the prices to buy and order equipments.
Sol (Soldiers) The number of soldiers under the orders of the hero. If you have many soldiers, you will do more damage! But do not forget that the soldiers need 1 gold and 1 food per turn, if not they will desert!
Trai (Training) The level of training of your soldiers in percentage. They will do more damage with a high training.
Mor (Morale) The level of morale of your soldiers in percentage. They will do more damage with a high morale.
Arme The weapons used by the hero and his soldiers. The better the weapon, the better the damage they will deal.
Armu (Armor) The armor used by the hero and his soldiers. The better the armor, the less damage the hero and his soldiers will receive.
Vehi (Transport) The type of transport used by the hero. With horses the hero can move further each turn.
Activity The current action the hero is doing.
Turn Number of turns left to finnish the current action.
Actions The actions available for a hero depending on rank and status.
Governor The current governor of the city. If this person is recruited by a foreign unit, you will loose the whole town to the enemy. So make sure your governors are loyal to you.
Membership Each City belongs to a kingdom.
Gold The gold coins that the city possesses.
Food The food that the city possesses.

Wood stocks in the city. To get more Wood you would need to build Sawmills and have at least 1 rating of Wood on the tile the city has settled.

Stone Stone stocks in the city. To get more Stone you would need to build Stone Quarries and have at least 1 rating of Stone on the tile the city has settled.
Leather Leather stocks in the city. To get more Leather you would need to build Tanneries and have at least 1 rating of Leather on the tile the city has settled.
Metal Metal stocks in the city. To get more Metal you would need to build Mines and have at least 1 rating of Metal on the tile the city has settled.
Economy Economic power of the city. The higher it is the more gold from taxes you will collect in January. The gold taxed in January is related to the happiness of the population. If your population is dissatisfied, you will receive very little gold.
Agriculture Agricultural power of the city. The higher it is the more food you will collect in July. Depends on the happiness of the population too.
Irrigation A well irrigated agriculture will bring in more food. An irrigation at zero will bring you no food!
Population The population increases with the economic and agricultural development of the city. If the taxes are kept below 50% and the happiness of the population is always high, the number of population with go up normally. Above 10000 inhabitants, your town will start consuming the Secondary Ressources. You can also recrute more heroes when your towns grow. If the town doesn't the required Secondary Ressources the population will not grow.
"Hamlet" population below 1000 , 10 heroes
"Bourgade" population above 1000 , 10 heroes
"Village" population above 3000 , 10 heroes
"Borough" population above 10000, 3 secondary ressources required: Potery Earthenware Oil , 15 heroes
"Town" population above 30000, 3 extra secondary ressources required: Wine Beer Sugar , 20 heroes
"City " population above 70000, 3 extra secondary ressources requireds: Encense Carpet Furniture , 25 heroes
"Metropolis" population above 200000, 3 extra secondary ressources required: Powder Silk Salt , 30 heroes
"Capital" population above 500000, 3 extra secondary ressources required: Spices Silverware Jewellery , 35 heroes
Happiness Determines the amount of gold, food, primary ressources and secondary ressources collected. Ensure that the happiness of the city remains high. A newly conquered town will lose all its Happiness. You will have to convert the citizens before rebuilding the Happiness. To convert or to build Happiness, you will have to use the action Public Festival.
Tax The tax fixed by the governor or the leader of the city.The higher the taxes, the higher will be the amount of gold collected in January and food in July. A high tax will anger the population.
Trade Tax Determine the percentage of gold taxes on trade in the city with foreign heroes.
Right-of-way Controls the potlitic of foreign unit movement in your city.
Infiltration Protection Moats, Bastions and Towers diminishes the chances to succeed in any infiltration attempts.
Disease Protection The inhabitants of a town may fall sick. The higher the population the higher the chances that the population will fall sick. Hospitals diminishes the chances of the population being ill. The number between parenthesis is the Infection Rate, it indicates the chances, in percent, of the population falling sick in the next turn.
Leader The Leader is the main character of your game. Your mission is to ensure his protection. He has social actions, Political and Military. He can use the Abdicate action so that you can change Leader. The action “Courtship” enables him to ensure his descendance.
Govenor The Governor controls a city. He has similar actions to that of the Leader. You must ensure that his loyalty is always high, if ever your enemies recruits him, you also lose the city and a few heroes in the city!
General The General can use all the forms of military actions and has certain social actions. He can use grouped attacks (several heroes at the same time). If you attack a group of units that has either a Commander or a General, you will have to confront the whole group. Be informed before attacking!
Advisor The Adviser has Military and Political actions. He can also warn you of the enemy spies in the city or in a sector where he works.
Spy The spy can carry out Secret actions like espionnage and sabotages. He is ideal for nonconventional war tactics. He must be hidden at all costs because he does not have soldiers. He only acts in secrecy. According to his capacity in espionage, he can inform you about the actions of your enemies in your city and the sector where he spies. If his capacity in espionage is low, he will inform you less quickly (with the proviso of leaving the spy in espionage mode during several turns, if not he will provide you only with basic information).
Commander The commander has the same actions as the General, excluded the social actions.
Diplomat The Diplomatic Hero is very important for your kingdom. He establish diplomatic relations with foreign cities or foreign units. He must travel to a neighboring city to establish alliances or any other diplomatic actions.
Merchant The Merchant has a bonus when he purchases or sells goods in foreign cities and in the cities under your control. You can count on him to maintain the commercial bonds with your neighbors.
Man/woman of influence This Hero has Social and Commercial actions important for the development of a city.
Civil Officer The Civil Officer has all the political actions allowing him to build the infrastructures, the economy, the agriculture and the irrigation of the city. He can also use some Trade action.
Military Officer The Military Officer has the basic Military actions.
Free Hero The Free Hero doesn't belong to any kingdom. You can recruit him if he interests you.
Assassin The assassin has Secret actions like Assassination and Poisoning. Like the Spy, he has to be hidden and will he is able to eliminate your enemies from a simple stab in the back…
Doctor The Doctor can heal the heroes from their wounds or poisoning. He can also heal the contagious diseases of heroes and the population. Disease can entirely destroy your kingdom, so he is a must to have around.
Prisonner You can capture prisoners during a successful attack. The action imprisonate will enable you to capture ennemy heroes.
Movement Actions

To Move your hero. Each type of ground requires a number of Mobility Points (MP). If your hero does not have sufficient MP, he cannot move. With each new turn, his MP is regenerqted. By foot, the rate of MP is 100. You can also equip your hero with a horse or other forms of transport, but you must then build the infrastructures necessary to breed horses (see action Build Infrastructure). When you leave your city, you must allocate resources to your hero. Thus, it is important to give Diplomats a certain sum of gold and food so that they can establish diplomatic relations. The merchants will also need gold, if you want them to buy materials in a neugboring city. Without resources (gold and food), your heroes in movement will be loose their loyalty to you. The soldiers in movement require 1 gold and 1 food per turn. If they do not have their pay and food, they will desert. If your Leader or your Governor leaves a city, one of your heroes (the most charismatic one) remaining in the city will replace the govenor. Careful, if all your Heroes leave the city, the city will be abandoned! To take an abandoned city, move a Hero into the city (this Hero will become the Governor).

Group Movement Move a group of heroes in the same tile. The MP used will be that of the slowest hero. This action is useable outside a city.
Hide Hero

A hero can hide in order to be invisible from his enemies. A hero with alot of soldiers will have difficulty to hide. A spy can detect the heroes hidden in a sector or a city. In order to infiltrate a foreign city you have to hide the hero first. Additionnally, a hidden hero uses 50% more mp to move.

Stat: Espionage

Transfer Ressources A hero can transfer his resources gold, food, wood, stone, leather and/or metal to another hero of the same kingdom. If this hero is in one of your cities, he will be able to transfer his resources to the city. This action is done automatically when your hero enters a city which belongs to you.
Social Actions
Fix Tax To fix the tax rate on the food and the gold in the city. In January, the citizens of your city will be taxed in gold coins. The higher the tax will be, the more your population will be dissatisfied. The citizens are again taxed in July during harvest for food. A high tax will bring back more food but will lower the happiness of the population. Be careful, a population with a low happiness is likely to rebel!
Stat: Charisma
Remunerate Remunerate one of your hero to build his loyalty. A low loyalty hero will leave you and are easier to be recruited by your ennemies.
Stat: Charisma
Private Festival You can use this action to build the loyalty of all your heroes in a given city.
Stat: Charisma
Public Festival This will give happiness to the population of a city.
Stat: Charisma
Search Hero Seek a hero in a city to help you. It is one of the first actions to be made at the beginning of your game. There is a limit of 10 heroes per city, you cannot seek other heroes if this limit is reached.
Recruit Hero You can recruit free heroes, prisoners and the heroes of other kingdoms.
Stat: Charisma
Free Prisonner Free a prisoner from his clutches. If he is your prisoner he will become a free hero. If he is someone else prisoner, he will become a hero for your kingdom.
Emprisonnate Lock up the ennemy heroes!
Stat: Comm.Militaire, Espionnage
Courtship In order to build your family tree, you can use this action. Only the members of the leader's family tree will be able to use this action.
Stat: Charisma
Abdicate Use this to change your leader. Be careful your heroes might lose alot of loyalty!
Sack Hero To get rid of one of your hero, use this action to make him become a free hero.
Execute Prisonner You can execute a prisoner.
Change Governor To replace a govenor in a city.
Wanted List Put a price on the head of someone! If anyone captures a wanted person, he will recieve the reward in his leader's personal account.
Forced Labor A commander can force the prisoners of one of your city to work. The quantity of ressources obtained by this action varies according to the Commander's Military Command. This action will not work if you don't have the proper ressource infrastructures.
Stat: Military Command
Political Actions
Build Economy Build the economy of your city. This will bring more gold in january and the population of your city may rise.
Stat: Politics
Build Agriculture Build the agriculture of your city. This will bring more food in july and the population of your city may rise.
Stat: Politics
Build Irrigation Build the irrigation of your city. This will bring more food in july. If the irrigation is zero, you will not receive any food from your agriculture during the month of july.
Stat: Politics
Build Infrastructure Build sawmills, mines etc ... to bring in ressources to your city. The ressources are used to build more infrastructures and are necessary to place orders on weapons and armors.
Stat: Politics
Commun Economy An Advisor can use a common economic development action during 1 turn. The Advisor and his team of Civil Officers (10 maximum) will meet to develop the economy. This action gives bonus of 2% to the development of the economy for each Civil Officer taking part. The Advisor himself will bring an additional bonus according to his intelligence. These bonuses only applies when there are Civil Officers working with the advisor, if not this action will be counted like the Build Economy action.
Stat: Politics, Intelligence
Commun Agriculture See Common Economy.
Commun Irrigation See Common Economy.
Build wonder An Advisor can supervise the construction of a Wonder. A Wonder very expensive in resources. Nevertheless it will bring a bonus to all the heroes of your kingdom. For example, a Wonder can improve the success rate to Search Hero or decrease the number of MP necessary to move. Your town must achieve Capital status (Population higher than 200000) to be able to build a Wonder. Moreover, you can have only one Wonder per city and you can only build 5 per kingdom.
Stat: Politics
Work Civil Officers outside of your town are able to build infrastructures. Roads for example, reduces the number of Mobility Points necessary to move.
Stat: Politics
Recover Recover an abandoned infrastructure outside of a town.
Trade/Commercial Actions
Buy Buy directly from your weaponsmiths and armorers.
Stat: Trade , Charisma
Buy merchant If your city has Merchant heroes from foreign kingdoms, you can buy from them.
Sell A merchant hero can open up a shop in a foreign city. Use this action to make him sell his goods.
Stat: Trade
Order Order weapons, horses and armors from the infrastructures of your city. It is cheaper than to buy but you must provide the necessary ressources.
Stat: Trade, Charisma
Send Ressources To send gold, food, wood, stone, leather or metal to another city. The corruption and banditism can compromise this action, therefore the city which will receive these resources will not receive the exact amount from the transaction. The corruption is related on the happiness of the population of the two cities and to the charisma of the shipper. The rate of banditism is related on the military command of the shipper and the distance between the two cities. The number of turns necessary to the realization of this transaction depends on the charisma of the shipper. The forwarding costs are dependent on the trade statistic of the hero.
Stat: Charisma, Trade, Military Command
Secret Actions
Poison Poisons an ennemy hero. A poisoned hero cannot do any action.
Stat: Espionnage
Assassinate Assassinate an ennemy hero.
Stat: Espionnage, Military Command
Create Rebellion Create a popular rebellion in a city. A rebellious population can destroy part of the economy and agriculture of a city.
Stat: Espionnage, Charisma
Install Doubt Decreases the loyalty of a hero.
Stat: Espionnage, Charisma
Spy You can spy a sector to get information on foreign troop movements and their vital statistics. You can also spy in a city to get the towns's stats too. Spying may show foreign hidden units too.
Stat: Espionnage
Steal Steal ressources from a town.
Stat: Espionnage
Sabotage Infrastructure Eliminate your ennemy's infrastructure.
Stat: Espionnage
Sabotage Economy Eliminate your ennemy's economy.
Stat: Espionnage
Sabotage Agriculture Eliminate your ennemy's Agriculture.
Stat: Espionnage
Sabotage Irrigation Eliminate your ennemy's Irrigation.
Stat: Espionnage
Sabotage Works Eliminate your ennemy's Works in a sector.
Stat: Espionnage
Diplomatic Actions
Propose Alliance Make an alliance with your neigbour. An ally can't be attacked.
Declare War You want to have an ennemy, then declare war!
Cancel Alliance Cancel an alliance without a war.
Propose Truce To stop a war.
Propose Vassality Propose a system of Vassalage for a certain number of turns (48 turns minimum). You can even offer up to three towns (heroes included) but you must have at least six cities do do so. The Requisition percentage is the percent of primary and secondary ressources you could requisition from a vassal state at least once a month.
You can propose a Vassalage to the new leaders who just settled to help them to begin, in providing some heroes with soldiers and resources gold and food. Vassal is an ally of his lord, he will not be able to attack his Lord and the Lord will not be able to attack his Vassal. At the end of the vassalage, the vassal will become neutral to his formal lord and vice versa.
Propose Offering Propose food and gold to another leader.
Threaten A diplomat can threaten another kingdom to pay a certain amount of gold and food.
Message To send a message to the leader of a foreign country.
Build Confederation Create a Confederation of several Kingdoms. The members of this Confederation will have an allied status among themselves. They will also share Kingdom Bonuses. To create a Confederation, you will need a host city for the talks, and at least 2 diplomats from two different kingdoms. Once the diplomats are together in this host city, the diplomats will have to use the action “Build Confederation”. The leader of the host town will have to then validate the request for confederation in his Diplomacy interface. This same leader can also refuse one or more participating diplomats. If the number of diplomats wishing to build this confederation is adequate, the leader of the host town will become the Chief of the Confederation and the leaders of the diplomats taking part will become Advisors of the new Confederation. The Chief of the Confederation must then configure the details like the history, the charter, the chat, etc of the Confederation in the “Kingdom” interface .
Propose Confederation Invite other kingdoms to join your confederation. The invited kingdom will become a Member of the Confederation and will benefit from the kingdoms bonuses of the members of the Confederation. A member can leave the Confederation any time, also the Chief or an Advisor of the Confederation will be able to remove a Member. A confederation can only have 15 members maximum.
Propose Trade

Merchants and Diplomats can make trade deals with allied, vassals, lords and confederates. Ressources can be exchanged between two towns of different kingdom every turn for a certain number of turns. Your hero must move to a foreign city and use this action. If the leader of the town agrees on the trade deal, the ressources will be shipped during the following turn. The ressources needs a certain number of turns to arrive all depends on the distance between the two towns. If the ressources are insufficient for one or both towns, the exchange will be canceled during the turn.

Declare Total War You will not lose any political points while in total war with another kingdom (except covert actions). The targetted kingdom must accept the total war proposition.
Military Actions
Train Soldiers A trained army does more damage.
Stat: Military Command
Rally Soldiers Motivate the troops.With a high morale, the soldiers will do more damage. Morale diminishes after losing a fight. It also decreases when the soldiers don't have their pay or food. With low morale, soldiers will desert.
Stat: Military Command, Charisma
Equip Soldiers Equip your hero and soldiers with weapons, armors or form of transport.
Recruit Soldiers Recruit soldiers in a city. However, that will cause a drop in the happiness of the population. A soldier needs 1 gold and 1 food per turn and 3 gold to recruit. If your hero or the city does not have sufficient resources, the soldiers will lose their morale and desert.
Stat: Charisma
Recruit Mercenairies Recruit Mercenairies in a sector. A mercenary needs 1 gold and 1 food per turn. If your hero or the city does not have sufficient resources, the Mercenairies will lose their morale and desert. There is an initial cost of 100 gold per mercenary and they are already trained to a certain extent.
Stat: Charisma
Attack A hero can attack a foreign unit. You must select a direction of attack. Ensure you to have adequate weapons. An attack on an empty tile is a lost turn, so be careful of your troops weapons range(Dist). The higher the morale, training and military command of the hero, the more damage you will do. This also depends on the equipment of the soldiers.
Stat: Military Command
Embuscade A hidden hero can make a surprise attack inflicting 2 times more damage.
Stat: Espionnage, Military Command
Charge Charge a foreign unit. With luck, your unit might end up on the other side of the ennemy! If you win the combat turn with this action, your army will gain more morale than a simple attack. On the contrary, if you lose, your army will lose alot of morale. Charging a city is suicidal, you will loose twice the soldiers.
Stat: Military Command
Siege Attack Only use your siege weapons. If your ennemy's has a long range attack capability he will counter attack.
Stat: Military Command
Long Range Attack Only use your bows or crossbows. If your ennemy's has a long range attack capability he will counter attack.
Stat: Military Command
Simultaneous attack A General or Commander can use a Simultaneous attack. All the heroes on the same tile will attack at the same time.
Stat: Military Command
Simultaneous Charge A simultaneous charge.
Stat: Military Command
Simultaneous Siege A simultaneous siege attack.
Stat: Military Command
Simultaneous Bows A simultaneous bow attack.
Stat: Military Command
General Training A General can train all the soldiers of a city. All the Military Officers and Commanders will follow the procedure. The Military Order and the Charisma of the General will be taken into account. Sometimes the training and the morale of the troops can exceed the 100% limit.
Stat: Charisma, Military Command
Disperse Soldiers In your city, you can disperse the soldiers of a hero. These soldiers will be added to the population but will cause a drop in the happiness of the city. The equipment in excess will be transferred directly to the stocks in the city.
Destroy Town When you acquire a city, you can use this action to completely eradicate the town. Everything from the town will be lost and if your army is not sufficiently large, the population will resist. If your hero is quite charismatic, he would try to persuade the population to leave the town to minimize the bloodshed...
Stat: Charisma, Military Command
Medical Actions
Heal A poisoned or wounded hero can be healed by a Doctor. This action can decrease the number of turns of recovery or cure the hero completely.
Stat: Intelligence
Heal Disease A hero can die of a disease if he is not looked after by a doctor. If the doctor succeeds in curing the hero of a disease, the hero will be put under quarantine for some turns. In the contrary case, the doctor can slow down the evolution of the disease. A sick hero will contaminate other heroes of the same city as well as the population.
Stat: Intelligence
Heal Population The population can also be decimated by the disease. This action will heal the population. If the percentage of sick population is very high, the doctor will need several turns to cure the population. The doctor is not safe from the disease, therefore it is preferable to have several doctors to heal a highly contaminated city.
Stat: Intelligence
Your Kingdom

Your kingdom, at the beginning of the game is regarded as an Independent kingdom. According to the actions which you carry out with your heroes, your kingdom can become a Belligerent kingdom (negative politics) or a Pacific kingdom (positive politics). A Pacific kingdom can have more heroes beyond the limit per city. For each 100 in politics, your kingdom can have 1 additional hero per city. Moreover you will have better prices when purchasing equipment in your city, in foreign city or the purchasing from merchant heroes. On the contrary, the Belligerent kingdoms have a malus on prices. Moreover, for each -1000 in politics your heroes will lose 1 loyalty point per annum.

Naming for your kingdom:

Number of towns Name
1 "Colony"
2 or 3 "County"
4 to 7 "Duchy"
8 to 12 "Principality"
13 to 20 "State"
21 to 30 "Country"
31 to 40 "Kingdom"
41 to 50 "Empire"
more than 50 "Great Empire"

The Power of your kingdom is calculated from several data of your kingdom: economy, agriculture, population, infrastructures, numbers of cities, the number of heroes and the number of soldiers. The Power is used to calculate the rate of belligerence gained according to certain actions. Here is a list of the actions which can influence the politics of your kingdom:

Action Political influence Action Political influence Action Political influence
Poison -20 Assassinate -80 Create Rebellion -10
Install Doubt -5 Steal -10 Cancel Alliance -40
Threaten -10 Attack, without declaration of war -80 Attack -5
Sabotage -5 Execute -10 Destroy Town -80
Forced Labor -5 Declare War -20    
Emprisonnate, ally -40 to -80 Emprisonnate, neutral -5 to -20 Emprisonnate, enemmi 0 to -5
Conclude Thruce +20 Conclude Alliance +40 Conclude Confederation, join +160, +40
    Conclude Vassality +40    

If your Power is higher than that of the targeted kingdom, the rate of belligerence will be multiplied by a multiplier according to these charters:

Your Power is inferior to the targeted kingdom's Power x1
Your Power is superior to the targeted kingdom's Power by 25% x1.25
Your Power is superior to the targeted kingdom's Power by 50% x1.5
Your Power is superior to the targeted kingdom's Power by 75% x1.75
Your Power is 2 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x2
Your Power is 5 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x2.5
Your Power is 10 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x3
Your Power is 20 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x3.5
Your Power is 50 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x4
Your Power is 100 times more than the targeted kingdom's Power x5

Your kingdom is Belligerent and the targeted kingdom is Pacific or Independent x1.5
Your kingdom is Belligerent and the targeted kingdom is Belligerent x0.5
Your kingdom is Pacific or Independent and the targeted kingdom is Pacific or Independent x3
Your kingdom is Pacific or Independent and the targeted kingdom is Belligerent x0.25
Great Events
  19/11/19 00:36
The Karbiens(KarbaKa) is now controlling The Hero Relic
18/11/19 06:57
The Karbiens(KarbaKa) is now controlling The Hero Relic
30/10/19 08:50
The Lucide(Extra) is now controlling The Hero Relic
05/02/18 20:50
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) is now controlling The Peaceful Relic
28/12/17 15:36
Valkrys Herleif became the new leader of the Kingdom of Aalborg
13/12/17 18:34
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) acted like barbarians by attacking without declaration of war the Aalborgois(Aalborg)
08/12/17 11:52
Prunelle Fathia became the new leader of the Kingdom of
08/12/17 11:50
Akash Killiam became the new leader of the Kingdom of
05/12/17 06:14
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) is now controlling The Propaganda Relic
02/12/17 19:17
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) seized one or more artefacts: Scéau de l'Empereur
18/11/17 00:20
Fuurla Herleif became the new leader of the Kingdom of Aalborg
06/11/17 12:31
Hrund Hurledragons-Herleif became the new leader of the Kingdom of Aalborg
30/10/17 22:22
Fyrik Herleif became the new leader of the Kingdom of Aalborg
15/10/17 03:30
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) is now controlling The Peaceful Relic
14/10/17 20:25
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) seized one or more artefacts: Scéau de l'Empereur
14/10/17 06:28
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) seized one or more artefacts: Scéau de l'Empereur
13/10/17 05:27
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) seized one or more artefacts: Scéau de l'Empereur
12/10/17 05:25
Vadim Gerom became the new leader of the Kingdom of Geromanie
11/10/17 00:36
The Akhlans(Akhlabeleth) seized one or more artefacts: Scéau de l'Empereur
06/10/17 04:03
The Geromanciens(Geromanie) is now controlling The Festivity Relic
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Philo Karba

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